Mobile banking goes B2B

The first I knew who owned a mobile phone was my stepfather. Sometime in the eighties he became the owner of a box with an antenna, cables and handset on. He worked partly as self-employed and partly together with others, and the mobile phone was his way of keeping in touch with customers, colleagues and family.

It has often been ‘ordinary’ consumers’ needs that has driven the development of mobile phones and mobile services. So-called ‘business’ phones have been developed (based on the assumption that Brenda Business Woman has a greater need to manage her daily life than Frank Father-of-Four), but it seems as if tailor-made services, such as mobile banking, tend to reach consumers before they come to the plumber with his own company.

It is therefore pleasing that SpareBank 1 now introduces mobile banking for businesses, as the first bank in Norway. Now the plumber can check balances, the barber can pay his bills , the carpenter can report damage to the insurance company, and the merchant on the corner can make an appointment in her nearest branch. And all this they can do on their cell phones when they have a free moment.

(Commericial with Norwegian voice-over)

I hope a great many self-employed and managers in small and medium enterprises will find this useful. I know that many consumers already do. Never before have people had so much contact with their bank as after the bank came to your phone!

My step-father could use his cell phone to call the bank, but that was all. Today mobile phones have become much, much smaller. But the possibilities of contact between customers and banks have become much, much bigger.

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